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The FAEA has stood by us all through these years. Total autonomy was given to us to develop the training tools and experiment them. Probably, this freedom helped us to evolve a healthy system. The vision of Prof. Mehta and his team is laudable. He has the flexibility to accommodate all constructive ideas and permitted us to try them out too. The scholarship scheme was not part of the original project proposed by the Ford Foundation. But, since India has a different social structure, financial assistance to the impoverished is imminent; without which the project objectives would have lost the steam. Today, we see hundreds and thousands of students who are able to hold their head high in self esteem.

One more reason for our success is the administrative autonomy extended by the management and authorities. In our case, we enjoyed the ful support of the University to make this project successful. I must have to acknowledge the encouragement given by my former Principal, Prof. Hoovaiah Gowda. The support of my colleagues and fellow friends like Prof. N. Diwakar Rao and Prof. Hegde is worth mentioning.

When the funding from the Ford concluded in the year 2009, there was an apprehension that the programme had to be wound up for lack of financial support but, thanks to my alumni members and the University who stood solidly behind and vowed to carry the mantle forward. Philanthropic friends also extended their helping hand which made the programme continue seamlessly. Our beloved Vice Chancellor Prof. Bari's intervention at this stage is worth mentioning. He extended financial as well as administrative support by which the programme got a fresh breather.

Internal strength is another factor that keeps the programme lively and healthy. I found this strength in the students who have stood by me through thick and thin. Their total commitment is so high that they feel proud to call themselves as members of “Pathways family.” Though they are spread all over the globe today, they have never missed each other, thanks to the modern technology. It was their wish to hold the Decennial Meet. The date was fixed nearly one and half year ago. Such is the commitment. It is this inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement that have borne the fruit. The occasion is not just an opportunity to meet and recollect the sweet memories of the past. It is an occasion to celebrate success and consolidate further through action plan. The FAEA and the entire alumni from across the nation have joined us in this celebration. Luminaries are attending the function. It shall go down as a great moment in the history of Pathways.

The present batch of the students has been working relentlessly for the last six months to make this event successful. Colleagues, team members and our computer technical faculty, Ms. Padma are all working hard to strengthen my hands; my sincerest thanks to them. Pathways scholars from all over India have found time to participate in this event; my warm greetings to all of them.

I express my gratitude to Prof. V.R. Mehta, Dr. K.K. Panda and Mr. Subhash from FAEA, Delhi. My thanks are due to Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Kuvempu University Prof. S.A. Bari and Registrar Dr. Manjunath T.R. for their assistance in holding this event, thanks are also due to all who have helped us through advertisement and donations. Besides, my sincerest thanks to all alumni members for their contributions and encouragement through active participation.

Date: 1-1-2013





This is a moment of joy and jubilation. Yes, we have completed ten years of our existence since we joined Pathways in the academic year 2002-03. It is a long story of achievement. A saga, born out of broad vision and deep commitment with an equal amount of sincerity and proactive action on the part of all the stake holders the Ford Foundation, FAEA, Management and administration of the college and above all, the students. Pathways has come a long way in this path. It has left an indelible mark behind its journey. This mark may serve as a beacon of light for many in the coming years. Pathways was founded on the principle of social inclusivity and equal opportunity for all in accessing higher education especially, the bright students coming from marginalised sections of the society. The programme covered not only economic assistance to the needy, but also a focused and continuous training in life skills as well. This holistic approach has really worked wonders.

Selection of the students is done on the basis of previous academic performance, economic background and performance in the eligibility entrance test conducted at the beginning of the first year degree level. Twenty five students are selected every year from arts, commerce and science streams and trained continuously for three years till they complete their degrees. The training goes alongside their regular course.

It is a challenging task to understand the psychology of the students coming from such a background. Each case is unique and thus requires an equally unique approach. Some suffer from financial problems while others from identity crisis, communication problems, clarity of thoughts, self esteem etc;. Therefore, in order to understand this, we followed the method of administering psychometric tests in the initial stages of the orientation training. Initiatives taken by the Educational Resource Centre Trust (ERC) Delhi, headed by Dr. Sharada Nayak and training given by Dr. Udai Pareek helped us to a great extent in this direction. Sahyadri unit of Pathways has the distinction of developing different training modules to train the students. It has also maintained the documents for further research studies.

The success stories of the students who joined the programme stand as a testimony. When it comes to empowerment and placement of the trained, almost one hundred per cent success is achieved. Majority of them are working for multinational companies in various positions from Managerial level to technical levels. Some others are into academic research and teaching. Three students namely; Dr. Mamatha N., DHK Murthy and Mahesh Shetty are pursuing Research in highly reputed institutes abroad. Dr. Mamatha completed her Ph.D from Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland and presently doing her Post Doctoral studies at Manchester U.K. with scholarship from British Royal Commission. Mr. Murthy is doing his research at Delft University in Netherlands and Mr. Mahesh in YLL School of Medicine in Singapore. Ms. Rachitha is working on DNA finger printing in Hyderabad. Some other students are working for Nationalised banks and government services.


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